I’ve got a lot of time to kill over the next six weeks, and I need to save money. So.... Downloading a GBA and Nintendo DS emulator to play through all my favorite RPG’s from roughly the NES Era to PS1-PS2. What games am I missing..?

Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls - GBA remake of the original two FF games. It’s a fantastic remake that updates the graphics and adds a few extra characters/quests/extras but still retains the charm of the originals.

(skipping FF 3 because the original was a solid *meh* and wasn’t localized to the US until the Nintendo DS remake.... Which still doesn’t change the fact that the game is a solid *meh*)

FF IV - I’ve played the GBA port, buuuuut it was a while ago and honestly I don’t remember the story. Someone recommended the ND remake so I figure I’ll try that this time.

FF V - again, don’t remember the story. I Know VI like the back of my hand, and then I recall another storyline that’s either IV or V...


FF VI - best FF game of all time? Idk, I could never choose. But it will be nice to see Kefka again.

FF Mystic Quest - is there a GBA/NDS port..? Do I even want to play it..? I had this for the Super Nintendo when I was a kid and loved it.... But what was essentially a simpler, easy version of FF may not be as interesting to me now. Still, for nostalgias sake, I kinda want to play it.

FF Chrystal Chronicles - have not played a single Chrystal Chronicles game. I remember when the original was released on GameCube and it seemed so strange.... Who knows. I’ll probably read some reviews and base my decision off of that.


FF tactics advanced - Love this game sooooo much. But I’ve also played it probably more times than any other video game. I.... Think I might skip it 😬

FF tactics (the NDS sequel) - yep. 100%. Haven’t played this, and as a sequel to one of my favorite games of all time I’ll be all over it.

FF (the GBA or maybe NDS RPG where the main character.... Is a chocobo) - I recall loving this when I was young. It seems to have disappeared from the internets. Hmmm


I think that’s all for FF games that are (potentially) available on GBA/NDS. Eventually I’ll play VII (have never played, the HORROR), VIII (it’s been a looooong time since I’ve seen Squall and his gunblade), IV (I think I finished like the first 20%..?) and X (the most modern RPG I’ve played. And a goddamn masterpiece. I should probably do X-II as well, to finish the story. But after that..... I feel like FF dropped off. I’m in no way a modern gamer. Would I enjoy the newer games....? Well, it’s a long way off.

Anyways.... After all the FF which may or may not be played in order...

Lunar!!! Such a great game. I had the original idea but to be honest I don’t even remember what system that was on... Dreamcast? PS1? Idk. All I know is that the first two games are ported to the handhelds and I have to play them. I seem to recall a 3rd game being made for NDS with card-based combat system..? I think it was actually good too.


I still have the guide that came with the original Lunar. You know back in the day when the translations from Japanese games were atrocious and you’d end up with multiple, hilarious lost-in-translation errors? Yeah...that’s this book in a nutshell. Truly a product of it’s times and I love it.

This came with a necklace and a half-naked plush of three of the female characters. The 90's were truly the golden age of RPG’s, at least for Japan
When was the last time you saw a guide book that broke the 4th wall


All-color, high-quality pages and bindings and super in depth. I worked at a publishing house for three months, which is long enough to say that this book was NOT cheap to put together.
Came with five pages of stickers because of course it did

Disgaea - this is an NDS remake of one of the most unique strategy RPG’s ever made. The definition of a cult classic, and I’ve been wanting to play it again for yeaaaaars. Just found out about the NDS port and I’m pumped. I might play this first


Advance wars 1 & 2 - the first games that were originally designed for the GBA. Okay... These are more tactics than RPG but whatever. Fantastic games. High replay value

Chrono Trigger - One of the most, if not THE most beloved RPG of all time. And for good reason. You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who’s played the game—professional reviewer or otherwise—who doesn’t fall in love, calling it a masterpiece in every way. It’s also one of the most expensive SNES games now, with good condition copies with box fetching four figures. You read that right. I had an original years ago but I think someone stole it.... Thank God for emulators.

Tactics Ogre - strategy RPG a la Fire Emblem and FF Tactics. But a lot harder, and with only one play through years ago a lot more fresh for me than the others that I know front to back.


There are a few more... Sword of Mana, various Fire Emblem Games, possibly some Zelda... Am I missing anything? Did I bring up happy memories? This is a safe place to talk about all things RPG, friend.