Any one got any leads?

so my wife is in the middle of makeing a baby(I helped!) but that means my nice 2011 volvo c30 is a little impractical for now;

I'm hoping to find a Volvo v70R (2004-2007 with A manual )to trade it for; problem is I still owe on the c30 so id like to do it at a dealership make my life easier.

Any one know of any sitting on a lot some where (I know of 3) one is in New York and has a "deposit" on it (guy doesn't want to work with me I think)


Other one is in mass and that guy is living up to the term "mass hole" and third is in Wisconsin which is a bit of a drive (12 hours!) but guys are very happy to work with me it seems.

Any one know of any not listed on autotrader or closer to the dc area ?

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