Anyone need a really low mileage 2008 E90 M3?

Today, in unnecessary car shopping with E90M3, we find a very low mileage E90 M3. 2008 was the first model year of the E9X M3, and since then this 2008 M3 has done a mere 27736 miles; that’s a mere ~2500 miles a year.


Back in 2008 BMW was still using the CCC version of the iDrive, luckily that was not an option that was selected for this M3.

Being a 2008, you do get the original E90 tail lights, but at least the color sort of masks how much worse they are then the LCI tail lights.


For $28k, it’s not the worst deal ever, considering one with more miles went for more on BAT. I know that’s not the best heuristic, but it’s all we have to go by.


Anyone need a low mileage E90 M3?

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