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Any opinions on the base model Surface Book?

I’m currently selling my Surface Pro 2 on eBay. It has served me well for 1.5 years but the small screen really was starting to get to me. I was thinking of just upgrading to a Pro 3, they go for just about at much as my loaded Pro 2 will go for and they have the bigger screen.

I was checking prices on eBay and then cross checked with Microsoft’s refurbished store to see how much Pro 4s are going for and found that the 8gb i5 Surface Book is selling for $750, about $20 more than i5, 4gb Pro 4 is going for. For $20 you get twice the RAM, the pen, the key board and a bigger screen. Not to mention it’s a stunning machine visually.

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This is the model without the dedicated GPU though, but all the Surface Pros I was looking at didn’t have that anyway. I’m mainly looking at this as a machine to use for digital sketching, I’m an Industrial Design major. I also would like to use it for some light mobile 3d modeling. I think Rhino Should run fine without the GPU, and I feel like I should be able to light things in Solidworks, real view off and everything.


I should note that this would serve as a 2nd computer. I have a Dell m4800 with ample specs for everything I do, including flow simulation, that I’m currently lugging around campus.

Any opinions on the Surface line, or Surface Books? It would be nice to have the GPU, but I have a machine that has one and I wouldn’t be doing anything too heavy on the Book, mainly just work in class, sketching, and showing people files that I made on the Dell. I think it’s a pretty good deal at $750, and it includes a warranty, something all the eBay Surface Pros couldn’t offer.

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