Any OPPO Friends Watch Fanatics?

I’m not just all about cars, driving truck and writing about stupid things I do. I also love watches of all kinds.

Recently I moved on from my Apple Watch Series 2 and decided to go back to a traditional watch. I’ve always been a dive watch enthusiast, and been wanting to get a more “robust” model. Right now I’m wearing an Invicta Pro Diver chronograph I got for testing because I was part of Amazon Vine. Great watch for under 120$ for sure.


However, I just impulse purchased something I’m super excited to get. Kind of a “treat yourself” moment.

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My father has always raved about Deep Blue watches, and he should know a thing or two about dive watches from his old line of work.

So I pulled the trigger on a Master 1000, and the orange was too cool, so my inner me just couldn’t say no.


Where’s all of my fellow Time piece freaks at? Show off your swag.

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