So anyone who checks my post history might see that I have had an issue with a JDM car import.

The last place I left off was I was going to start pursuing canceling my order. I started that but they offered me comp parts, money, discounts, etc. That was October. When it was almost a year of me waiting on delivery and after they had more than 20,000 USD wired to them. The company is Canadian.

Now obviously I have zero patience for these people. Almost a year and a half since I started this. Abysmal customer service, sales people only get back to me.

A couple of weeks ago they put pics of the car on their social media site. I was promised months ago when it landed pictures from landing and on, asked for them, never got them. That really pissed me off but they said they have prepped the car and are waiting for their service guys to clear it and put new tires and all that on.

Today they were supposed to have a phone meeting with me. They didn’t show. I sent them an angry email and they sent me yet another meaningless apology. I replied with an ultimatum. I have to think of now what to do if they don’t meet it and I’m thinking of getting a lawyer.

I said they have until the first to give me the money back or deliver the car. I don’t want to talk to anyone else aside a manager and the email needs to include a delivery date or when I will see my money. I issued no specific threats of action, just that demand.


I have like 100 emails going back to December of 2016. It’s ridiculous reading them and all the bullshit and broken promises.

All I wanted was to own this car for a year and then sell it lmao. Probably would have sold it a month ago. It’s a FD Rx7.


SA22 rx7 for your time.


They replied to my recent email that someone is going to get back to me, lmao. I’ve not heard that like 20 times by now. An actual underestimated number probably