I've been playing guitar and drums casually for about 20 years. Played drums in a band for a few years in high school. Don't get much time to play with a 5-month old taking up most of my time, but here is my current fleet of instruments:

^ Pearl Export Series. Got this set in 1998. Before that I'd been using my Dad's 1972 Slingerland Buddy Rich set (which he still has). Cymbals are 14" Zildjian Avedis hats, 8" Zildjian A series splash, 16" Zildjian Z series crash, 17" Zildjian A series crash, 22" Zildjian Avedis ride. The hats and ride are from Dad's set and are super stout. I also have a DW 7000 series double bass pedal.

^ Mid-90s Fender Strat on the left (my first guitar). Old, worn, and still sporting stickers from junior high/high school.


2009 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top. This is my baby. I know it's not a Gibson, but for someone who just plays occasionally at home it's a damn fine guitar.


^ Line6 Spider III 75 on the left and Spider IV on the right. Solid, versatile amps for the casual guitarist.