We caught the Baton Rouge show last night. While my wife thought it was a great time, I’m on the fence about it. I’ve enjoyed many of the videos, but I found the live show somewhat lacking. The big surprise for me was discovering how much the band changes from venue to venue. Since I’m not a FAN, I had no idea that they switch things up so much.

So, we didn’t know who we were going to see until they took the stage. Here’s the crew we ended up with:

I can’t seem to find a pic of the piano player and even digging through the wiki I can’t seem to identify him. Go figure.


Why was the show lacking? It feels like watching a series of performances at the Grand Ole Opry. The emcee introduced each singer as she came up to play ONE song, then he took the stage to sing some himself. The tap dancer came in several times to provide some dancing to go along with the song, then she had her own tap solo which, by the way, was phenomenal. I think she’s the best part of the show.

Overall, the pace just seemed too slow. The emcee sang a really nice ballad about an hour in, but they had already lost the crowd and the general chatter was as loud as the music.

The Varsity Theater is a small venue with little seating and three(!) bars, so it may not be well suited for PMJ’s style. My wife thought it would have been better in an auditorium-style venue instead.


In the end, I’m just a bit disappointed. Perhaps if I had seen the other crew in a different venue I would have been happier. This crew in this venue just didn’t do it for me. I’ll just go back to watching them on YouTube.