Any Opponauts have the LG V20?

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My phone is shitting the bed. I need a new one. Options:

Honor 5x. $170 cash, root and rom.

Honor 6x. $250 cash. Stuck with EMUI for now.

iPhone 7. Buy one get one free. Of course its being replaced with the 8 in six months. And I hate apple, so there’s that.


LG V20. 50% off. $13/mo. This is EXTREMELY tempting.

Samsung Galaxy. Also buy one get one free; however, new galaxies’ to be revealed/released in two weeks.


Right now I’m leaning towards the LG. I’ve been on Windows Phone since 2012, but I’ve officially given up on it. It was a great platform at one point, but now is shit. Wife has a iPhone 6 and has had tons of software issues (data transfer to windows server and battery issues) an she went through three 5's in two years. I’m leaning towards android for that reason. The question is whether the LG is good enough, or should I wait for the samsungs?

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