So I recently quit my job and will be pursuing my masters degree in the fall.

This now means I don't have health insurance, dental, or life insurance anymore. Fun.

So since I am a younger guy, I've never needed to go to the doctor besides the standard immunizations or physicals. Now I know I won't need to go to the doctor in the foreseeable future barring something catastrophic.

That's the problem... if something like that happens, then I and my family will be screwed with out-of-pocket expenses. Hospitals aren't cheap.

This has brought me to check out the Colorado healthcare site to try and find a provider. Now I decided to just look at catastrophic plans, but I can't make much sense out of any of it. It was a lot easier when my healthcare was awesome and I didn't have to pay for anything and could go in for whatever I wanted.


Now...for my entire life I have always had ridiculous healthcare, so I don't even know what a deductible, or even a copay is, everything was free. (Seriously, my parents are military, so they get Tricare, which is the best shit out there, and then my previous Oil Company employer had pretty much the same thing for me).

So...anyone have any tips? I'd rather not be hit by a bus then have to be homelesss because I couldn't afford anything. Also the cheaper the better...but I still don't want to be screwed just to have my teeth cleaned once a year.

/Seriously no clue what's going on