I’m reaching that period in car ownership (2 years in) where I decide if I’m truly in love. If I’m not, a new DD is at least on the distant horizon. We just recently got my wife a supertyduper practical Forester, so I’m thinking all sorts of crazy things. Two ideas that I just can’t shake are:

1. Torture myself and dd a classic. (2002, E30, Austin cooper, fiat/alfa)

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2. Every time someone asks the “one car for the rest of your life” question. My answer is E39 M5. So I keep thinking “what am I waiting for?”. I don’t think they’ll ever get cheaper, and I’m super familiar with the car and all of its potential repeated stabs to the face and genitals “headaches”.

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One catch. If was to go the classic route, I would also purchase a pickup. First of all because I really want another ranger. Secondly because if I’m going to use a classic car everyday, I will need backup constantly from time to time.

So do any/have any Oppo’s used a classic/modern classic as their daily driver? If so and you can sum up the experience in a sentence or two, please do!


Happy Friday


Dat 2002

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