I may have mentioned on here that we have a lot of animals:

2 dogs
5 chickens
1 duck
1 tree frog
1 rabbit (inhereted)
1 box turtle (inhereted)
1 Sulcata tortoise
2 Ranitomeya variabilis “Splash Back Poison Dart Frog”

To further complicate things we’d like to get fish. Actually we did get a goldfish feeder fish that lasted just long enough for my daughter to name “Peach”, shortly after she went to bed that fish kicked it...


We explained that Peach died and it was probably because she was already sick. We told her that it was ok to be sad, but that things die. She kind of shrugged it off and went back to her toys. Shes super young so we didn’t expect her to get it but we didn’t want to lie either.

Anyway, I go to the store to get a new fish. This time I flag someone down and explain the situation. She said that a gold fish was too big for our table top tank anyway and sold me on some of the neon tetra that school together and everything. I googled how they “dye” those fish, I shouldn’t have. I honestly feel bad for buying them now.


All is well that ends well for now. We have a little school of fish and a couple of live plants in there, our daughter calls them all “Peach” two are neon pink, one is neon green, and one is neon orange.

Some of you may know that I like to go ahead and overdo it when I get into something new. So I’d like to setup a 20-30 gallon tank with all natural stuff. Freshwater for sure, not sure if I want tropical fish, or cichlids, or what. End result I want a super cool tank that has tons of options for fish so that my little girl can pick out whatever she wants when I’m finished.


I do all natural setups for my tree and dart frogs, but I have never done a fish tank. Any Oppos know about fish?

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