You know, one of these things:

Illustration for article titled Any Oppos have a recommendation for a decent windshield suction phone mount...?

I don’t just want to order one on Amazon, Gearbest, DealExtreme or wherever and hope that it is OK, it would be nice knowing the one I am ordering has been approved by people I trust to make such decisions, like you folks...

A few caveats though...I have an ancient Samsung Galaxy Core LTE with a silicon case. I don’t want a mount that is magnetic as I don’t want to stick anything to my phone or case...the spring-loaded quick release kind is my preference. I also don’t want the flexy bendy neck kind as experience with other non-phone-mount flexy bendy neck things tells me they suck and rarely stay in place.

Anybody have one they bought somewhere online that has treated them well? :)


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