Illustration for article titled Any oppos have a samsung s3 watch paired with a iPhone? And job and car update...

If so how well do they play together, biggest drawback is you can’t reply to messages from the watch.


My wife wanted to surprise me, but she got caught cause I was tracking another order in my account, then I stumbled on the watch in the recent orders.

Job update, so far I love it after my first week, great team, amazing conditions, great pay but I have to travel for 3 hours per day.


That leaves me with the car update.

Still really, really want a WRX but I am also starting to thing about electric or hybrid. But... electric with cold, cold winters and at least a 200 km round trip without a guaranteed place to plug it in at work is the electric car killer at the moment.


So looking at 2017 WRXs with low kms, and thinking next car will probably be electric

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