Any oppos here ever done spray-on Chrome? Looking for a solution.

So, a little bit of shopping around and it seems a few plating shops won’t touch my aluminum pushbars because it has weld seams.

So, now I’m looking at getting it powder coated in primer, and then getting spray chrome applied as an alternative.

One problem: there are a lot of different kinds out there... the best I’ve seen so far is Spectra Chrome, which is not cheap due to the equipment involved.


I’m also having trouble finding any spray chrome specialists in the PNW area as well.

If any of you know of a shop in the area, or have done it yourselves, let me know your thoughts. I’m looking for an effective solution that will be worth the money.

P.S. I'm looking for brands and solutions that can be adapted to an existing paint shop for cheap, since my auto body shop's owner expressed an interest in giving it a try. If I supply, they'll do it for free. 

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