I could use a big-ish favor. There is a dealer up there that has a car they are being lazy about posting photos of. The dealership is Suburban Chevrolet. I do not want to take a 5 hour drive on what could be a total basket case.

Anyone willing to take a swing by there and take a look at it and provide some quick photos and first-hand intel? I promise payment in food or beer you can’t get there if it turns out to be the winner.

The car is an ‘07 Jeep Grand Cherokee, stock number KP0224, VIN sequential 43462, mileage approximately 88k. Should be Red PEARLCOAT with gray or gray/black two-tone interior. Primary areas of concern are paint matching, corrosion (all over, but especially underbody,) presence/absence of tow hitch and tow wiring (it was factory equipped,) and condition of the driver’s seat bolsters.

Editing to try and bump for morning crew. Boy I hope this works.