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Any Oppos in Iowa?

Thinking about going to pick this up: https://quadcities.craigslist.org/cto/d/reduced-for-quick-sale1990/6592807210.html

I would like to know more before making the trip to get it. Assuming the body/inside is what they claim, I would definitely pick this up.

Hopefully someone is in the area that could check it out for me.

Update: Talked to the owner today. He said it got all new brakes and suspension last fall. Shortly after the engine started losing coolant at an alarming rate, so he took it to his mechanic. The mechanic told him the engine needed to be replaced at the cost of $1500. He said he would fix it himself if he wasn’t 82. He also said the trans was rebuilt when he bought it 5 yrs ago, receipts included for all the work. One rust bubble on the driver’s rocker, otherwise clean body with factory undercoating still on the underside.


Definitely going to be leaning on the wife harder to go get this this weekend!

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