any oppos that have switched from iOS to Android and vice versa?

I’m currently on the Galaxy S7 Edge - I’ve definitely heard a wide variety of experiences in regards to this phone and the Android system in general. Personally, I love the phone since I haven’t experienced any noticeable slowdowns or lag with this phone which is quite the contrast to my two previous Android phones.

Right now, I’m weighing my options but was toying with the idea of moving to Apple and getting the iOS. I personally don’t get the furious circlejerking people have for their beloved corporations, but I don’t really have any specific brand loyalty.

I’m definitely tied into the Google services since I absolutely love Inbox (which is dying soon anyway, wtf), Drive, and Photos. However, I know all of these apps and their Apple alternatives are available on iOS as well. I don’t think it’s possible to transfer my Whatsapp data to iOS without paying for a third party app, so that’s a pain in the ass, and I don’t like the fact that storage is not expandable since I use a 128GB SD card in my S7 Edge for media storage. I’m not too worried about having to repurchase apps since I only have a couple of games and a podcast app.


For those that have crossed the divide into the other OS, what made the switch worthwhile? What features do you miss?

For those that are already using Apple, is iTunes still needed on your PC? Will I be able to easily transfer my media onto an iPhone through Windows Explorer and have smooth playback like I do with VLC on my Android phone?

The only Apple phone I’m interested in is the XR since the XS prices start to get crazy. and at that price point I’m more inclined to go towards the Note 9. My choice is likely to be between the XR and the Galaxy S9+

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