What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Hi all! I’ve got a friend who has a 2010 Kia Forte sedan with the 2.0L Theta II engine and an auto transmission. Right now, it’s throwing 9 different codes and running really poorly / stalling. Many of them are all O2 sensor related, but two (P0024 and P1401) are not.

P0024 is a Camshaft sensor-related code, and P1401 is some sort of EVAP System code. Any Hyundai/Kia techs on here or generally knowledgeable folks that might know the most likely culprits for both? He’s hoping it’s a cheap and relatively easy fix as the car only has 130,000kms (80,000 miles), otherwise he is considering selling it to possible get a new car.

130,000kms seems like a pretty low mileage (to me) to be getting rid of a car that has been generally pretty reliable for him and has no rust that I am aware of, so I am trying to convince him to fix it and keep it (especially as replacing the cam sensor completely is like $50 CAD for the part and one bolt/one connector to replace)....he could afford a new second car (he also has a 2016 Optima - the Forte is his wife’s car) if he HAD to, but if it’s a relatively easy fix I would feel bad with him wasting the money...

Thanks for any help and suggestions as to what the most likely reason for the two codes would be! :)


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