So a dark horse candidate has entered the “find BrianGriffen a comfy cheap car to protect his ass and back for his 100 mile a day commute”...I found a Granny driven 2010 CTS with only 34,000 miles.  Has every option available in the recession era, including a dorky fake key keyless start.

Exceptionally low mileage concerns me on a DI engine, especially one known for such early timing chain failure. Now, as some might know, I own a LR with the 5.0 A.J.-V8, so timing chain failure is something I live with every day anyway.

Does anyone have real world experience with the LLT and are reports of failures overblown? Do you think a better oil with more frequent changes (say full synth 5w-30 or even 0w-40) would help, plus knowing I’d be doing long hot commutes? Or at this point, is the damage done?

Or any other experience with post bailout CTSs would be appreciated, too.