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Any OPPOs with medical billing experience?

If anybody recalls, my wife was in the ER a few weeks ago, nothing terribly serious just complications from anxiety and depression after being unmedicated for a while. Today I got the bill and it was over $4k, which is insane for a few hour visit with basically just an IV bag, a couple standard tests and some anti-nausea meds. Anybody have experience negotiating this sort of thing? How do I find a reasonable price to start? We’re gonna have to do payments or something anyways, we barely scrape by as it is so even a couple hundred a month is a huge stretch. I guess without knowing much I’d like to get it down to at least $2k but knowledge is power in a negotiation so I’d like to gather as much as I can first. Pictured below, what I hope to get her into next year when she has her Rio almost paid off.


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