Thanks to one of my wife’s coworkers I’ve really been getting into board and card games over the last couple years.

I’m probably up to around 20-25 games at this point. The number is even higher if you include the regular suspects of Monopoly, Life, etc.

Random crappy pic of the top two shelves in the game closet
Photo: Me

We have two independent game stores pretty close to me and both had sales on Black Friday. I ended out adding four more games to my list.

We played one today which I just realized was turned into a mobile game.


It’s a pretty entertaining card/strategy game. I bet it would be even better with the maximum of 6 players.


We haven’t gotten to check out the others I bought yet.

The Redshirts game is a spoof of Munchkins meets Star Trek with the goal being to be the first captain to have all his redshirts killed on missions. Along the way you sabotage the other players by helping save your opponents characters.


The others only time will tell exactly what they’re like, but they were 75% off so I figured I could take the risk. The biggest problem with these games is that they can get expensive so there’s some I know I like that I just haven’t bought because of the price.

Any other board game fans here? If so what are some of your favorites?