I picked up the game on day one (Deluxe Edition, that is), and have played through the story already. So, lately I’ve just been working on some project cars for fun.

Subaru BRZ - Project TrackRabbit: Race spec with Rocket Bunny kit

Nissan 180SX Type X - Project Quicksilver: Race spec with Rocket Bunny kit, crossed out headlights, bright chrome paint

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX: Offroad spec, attempting to make a paint scheme based on a real WRC IX.

‘65 Ford Mustang - Project Fauxnicorn: Pretty much attempting to make a faux Hoonicorn, Drift spec.


Chevrolet Bel Air - Project Gangster: Runner spec, trying to give it a classic mafia look with a modern twist.

That aside, it is a disappointment that there’s no multiplayer free roam in the game, but I have been scouting out some great meet up spots, should they implement it in a future update.


Seems that the small little town of Braxton, out in Mount Providence, seems to be a great place for meetups, with multiple excellent spots for multiple cars to be parked together. From Soledad Church to the Star Awesome Burgers fast food joint, from Bill’s Outdoor Store to the inoperable Ascent Cars dealership, from the Lazy Bear Motor Lodge to the Silver Pine Diner, the Next Gas station and the parking lot behind the Ghost Bank.

Personally, the game is really good, better than many of the big name reviewers say, and hopefully we’ll see some more multiplayer options in the near future.


Feel free to share your in-game pics, if you have any, and share your opinions on the game.