You might not look as awesome as "My Malibu wagon does wheelies" guy but it's still a blast.

Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington will be hosting there first Test n' Tune of the year on Saturday March 7th. I couldn't find the times on their website but, the gates should open at 7:30am and the racing should start at 9:00am. The cost is $40 to race and usually $15 to watch. If anyone wants to go I will call to verify all of that.

If you have never drag raced Test n' Tunes are great for your first time. You line up with someone in the other lane but you're not actually racing them so, it's no pressure. You just go down the strip as fast as you can and have fun. If anyone wants to race someone just for the hell of it though you can do that to. I have only done a couple of Saturday Test n' Tunes and both times I got in ten runs so that worked out to be $4 a run which I think is pretty high on the fun to money scale.

I checked accu-weather and right now there is a 25% chance of rain that day so it looks like it won't be cancelled due to rain. As the date gets closer that might change though.

As far as safety equipment you will only need a SA2005 helmet if your car goes faster than 13.99 in the 1/4 mile. You can check magazine reviews of your car or similar cars before hand, for most stock cars that will give you a pretty good idea if you need any safety equipment. If it is your first time on the track and your car is close to 13.99 per the magazines you probably won't need one to worry about the helmet, it will take sometime to figure out how to drag race. It's not just floor it and hold on easy. Also, long pants are mandatory no matter how fast your car is. If anyone does need a helmet though and doesn't want to buy one I can loan someone mine, my truck isn't fast enough to need it.


Here's a video of me racing just because.