Got some awesome recommendations from everyone for my car search from my last post— and now of course the criteria have changed completely and most of that conversation is now irrelevant :-P

The wife wants me to get something with around 75K miles instead of ~150K, so I’m now looking to get a small loan, something in the $10-15K range, depending on whether I trade/sell my Xterra first. Tried going by my bank (Wells Fargo) and was very disappointed with the 7.5% loan they offered. Combined credit score of my wife and I is 786, so I would expect something more like 3.5-4.5%


The only loans I’ve ever gotten were for new cars, through the dealership, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to what the best approach is to getting a car loan before starting to test drive the three cars I’m considering. Are credit unions the way to go? Is there an aggregate search site you’d recommend for loans that will look up loan rates for multiple lenders at once?

FWIW, the three cars I’m looking at:

S2000: Any year

Boxster S (00-04) or Boxster Base (2004+)


Subaru WRX (2005-2007, with the larger 2.5L that dynos higher)

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