Any Seattle Area Jalops Looking For A Project?

Here we have a rare 1980 Toyota Cressida “Woody” Wagon, located in North Bend, Washington. It is lowered, discretely caged, and carries a 4.0L 32-Valve V8 under its long hearing-aid beige hood.

  • Wagon? Check.
  • RWD? Check.
  • Manual? Check.
  • Brown? Check. Ish.
  • Deisel? No.

They’re asking $8,000 for this inspired masterpiece project. That’s a lot of cash for torn seats, mismatched wheels, faded paneling, and a listing that contains both the words “drift” and “drag.” If I’m being picky, I’ll point out the dented door, the wrinkled shock tower, and the OEM radiator serving an engine more than 50% larger and at least a decade newer (and presumably operated in more exciting circumstances), but who’s counting?


Could you send Mr. Ben Franklin and his 79 identical friends down the North Bend River for a chance to live out this fever dream of Big Toyota Awesomeness?

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