Long shot, but I need some help with part numbers and problem diagnosis. ‘14 Forester 2.5i, windshield washers not working. I think the nozzles are just clogged. Main thing is I need a part number for the stupid plastic clips I broke to get into the cowl after dropping the fluid hose down into it. Top photo shows 3 clips removed bottom is a clip sitting on my headlight. Also could use a part number for the nozzles. They are caked in a blue gunk and there are chunks of blue sludge at the bottom of the windshield. I think the fluid went bad and the dye separated out maybe? I popped the nozzles off and it sprays at the ends of the tubing as shown in the video. Seems fine, but I don’t know how strong this spray should be without the nozzles. Rear windshield spray is working fine. I can’t blow any air through the nozzles even after soaking them. They seem totally stopped up. Also, is there a filter on the reservoir or pump? I probably need to clean or replace that too, but I didn’t feel liking pulling off the front clip to see tonight. Thanks!