As some of you well know, I work for an a-hole, and I hate my job. Well, I’ve accepted an offer at a local Honda dealership, but I don’t have a start date as the service manager is trying to get through red tape. And I am not interested in staying where I am for the next six months just to take that job. I didn’t really want to go there in the first place, but the offer was good, and it’s a good opportunity. But, if another opportunity is out there, then I will take that.

But I’ve never posted my resume anywhere, and I don’t even know if it would matter in automotive. I’d say the majority of shops and owners just post to Craigslist, or it’s by word of mouth. But I’m assuming that the people who would be looking at resumes online would be big dealerships, which would be nice for the benefits.

So any help would be great guys.

Oh and for those of you that are interested, after my boss damaged my toolbox he told me the next morning I’d have to live with it. But as I don’t want to lose my job and have to file a lawsuit I’m just waiting until I give my notice to hand him the invoice for my box and tell him he can either write me a check, or he can give me his insurance information.