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Any travel plans this summer?

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Photo: Drinking cider and assembling handtrucks makes for a relaxing evening

Last night I spent a few hours looking up flights and lodgings at various spots around the world. Everything is cheap, with prices for many destinations half of what they usually would be.


I would love to go to Germany. Switzerland. Norway. Scotland. Do a food/castle/automotive/hiking trip for two or three weeks.

Alternatively go back to Bangkok, and party like it was my last week on planet earth. Then throw some hostels into the mix and check out Korea and Singapore...


An Airbnb-based architecture tour is also on my bucketlist, picking destinations solely based off of the most interesting places to stay at. 

Unfortunately between Covid and work, I don’t see any international travel in the cards until at least until January. 

I’ll be doing roadtrips though! Three day weekends mean I can travel a bit further out than normal, so the goal is to go somewhere new every week. Next week I’m heading north for my first motorcycle adventure with a buddy, and he doesn’t yet know that I’ll be convincing him to turn his ninja into a touring bike lol.

What about you? There’s gotta be someone taking advantage of the killer deals right now, right? Or... Maybe it’s time for that big overlanding trip you’ve had in the back of your head for years?

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Photo: Sundays are lightly staffed, but if tomorrow is as nice as today was there will likely be 20+ bikes crammed together up front.

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