I can’t be the only one that shops cars well in advance of actually buying them. I also doubt I’m the only one that sees a new car and thinks, “That should be 50% off in 6 years...perfect!” So I wanted to ask, are there any vehicles you strongly believe may fall into your life between today and the end of 2020? They don’t have to be definite purchases, just cars you strongly feel will happen. I have several in mind but I’ll only see one of these in the next four years. I’ll list them from lowest to highest price just for the hell of it. *!!!!Warning: I love CUVs and SUVs, so brace yourselves!!!*

First Generation Infiniti FX (MY 2003-2008)

If I’m looking to spend between $8k-$10k, then I’ll be looking at one of these. Whether V8 or V6 will just depend on if I want a RWD or AWD vehicle (perks of living in a dry place). My preference is actually for the 2004-2006 model years rather than the later. Would love an FX35 AWD in blue or brown or an FX45 in that sweet copper/orange that was available.

Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI (2004, 2006-2008)


Project car! Theoretically this is as smooth as a Phaeton, as sporty as a Cayenne, better offroad than a Bentayga, and makes the same power as the Cummins turbo V8 diesel engine in the new Nissan Titan XD Diesel. The V10 makes 310 hp and 553 lb-ft while that Cummins is rated at 310 hp and 555 lb-ft of torque. I think the engines are about the same weight too, but there is a half ton difference in weight between the vehicles they are inside of. If one of these pops up between $9k-$12k and isn’t beaten to hell, and I want to spend $20k for no reason...hnnng!!! I wonder if an R50 conversion is worthwhile.

Volvo V60 (2015 only)


Gotta be AWD, so that means I5 or V6. Either way, I’m a happy chappy. If good looking 2.5L or 3.0L pop up for $16k and under, then it’s probably going to happen. Patience...

E71 BMW X6 (MY 2008-2012, First Generation)


I hate the rear end on these, but the prices are soooo low already! You can get into a 4 year old X6 M for half MSRP, and the lesser models are easily 50% depreciated right now and look like new because they are either off lease or just paid off. They are also easy to find in great condition, I like the size, I like the powertrains, I like the responsiveness of the fact that it’s one of the top handling urban attack vehicles you can buy. Plus I’ll be retired by the time I own a vehicle with larger rear tires than this thing, so fuck it! I’m shopping the full lineup.

GMC Yukon Denali (MY 2015 or 2016)


Pretty much once the WK2 is paid off and retired in 2019, I’m probably hoping to replace it with a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali. Any size is fine, but I need that 6.2L. Now if a 5.3L SLE or SLT pops up at a great price I’ll buy it, but I really want the 6.2L.

You probably noticed that there isn’t a sportscar or pickup to be seen in this list. Sadly, those aren’t going to happen until after 2020. I am thinking about replacing my mom’s Camry with a low trim, current generation Mazda6 or CX-5 (since the 2004 Camry has cloth seats anyways, and the XF will stay her luxo-prestigy ride around her friends and church/work folks).


Here’s a 2013 CX-5 Sport with 31,000 miles for $14,995.

Here’s a 2016 Mazda6 Sport with 36,000 miles for $13,995.

I’m sure that Mazda6 is ex-fleet, but I don’t even care because reliable, efficient, fun, a looker, and red. I’m tempted to go for it, but I know there will be better versions for the same price in another year or two. Plus, I know she wants a CUV. But since they wouldn’t be mine I don’t count the Mazdas on this list. Like I said, it will only be one of the vehicles listed up top between an emergency happening and 2020. Situation will tell which way to go, but I like having many paths to happiness in mind even if I can only take one.


In summary, you can tell my situation as follows (add in a Mazda CX-5 somewhere in there):

FX - If a vehicle is totaled or grenades (emergency purchase).
V60 - If things go according to plan, will replace WK2 as work vehicle.
Yukon - If I end up making more but still need a mileage work vehicle.
X6 - If I end up making a lot more and find a great deal. Biggest engine I can get.
Touareg - I’m rich, bitch!!