I think I’ll be going sometime in the next couple weeks, but I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve only done indoor go karts one other time and that was years ago when I was up in Montreal for a hockey tournament. The rest of my experience has been either as a kid or going with my little cousins to the kind of place where the only strategy is keep your right foot down and hope the other drivers aren’t as brave as you when passing.

So I have a few questions if any of you have some experience:

  • How fast should I expect to be going?
  • How crowded is it usually?
  • How competitive do people get?
  • How long do the races last? How quickly would I go through 3 races?
  • Is there a space I could mount a GoPro? Helmet mount? Chest Mount? A bar in front of the steering wheel?

As a side note I saw that they have an outdoor track in Bridgewater that looks like it would be serious fun for Spec Grom or Microcar racing...

I’ll let people know when I’m going in case anyone wants to meet up.