Anybody else have a bludriver?

This has proven to be a damn fine investment.

now I’m not a mechanic, nor am I an electrical tech, More of a “fix-man” than anything, and I model my operation on Harry Tuttle. “fuck your work order, I’ve got shit to fix”


things I’ve been surprised by with the bluedriver:

-It’s noticed the lack of rear door speakers in a truck that’s supposed to have them

-A/C blend door malfunction

-power door lock, stuck in “unlock” in drivers door, stuck on “lock” in passenger door. (this was true, the doors were confused).


-In addition to standard 0bd, it’ll tell you how far out of spec an O2 sensor etc is.

-failed window regulator.

I bought it because when you swoop in from nowhere and hack into the main wire harness, then leave, you are married to that vehicle until death sets one of you free. It’s saved me many headaches. “Well it was never like that before you touched it” is not uncommon, everybody wants something for nothing so I can definitivley say: Here’s the 13 codes on your ecm, I definitely did not disconnect all 4 oxygen sensors nor did I steal the cats that are missing inthe hour I was here.


Most people are quite reasonable, but this is effective skunk repellant.

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