Anybody have a 2016 Malibu?

So I was driving a 2015 Altima but somebody ran a red light and now I am no longer driving an Altima.

We are in need of a second vehicle. I would love to have a Colorado but — while it would be doable — it’s still more than I want to spend right now given some special circumstances.

We would prefer to lease, partly because of those circumstances, but also because leasing gets me in something new for a comparably low monthly payment and the car would hopefully be a bit more reliable than the cheap used car that we could probably afford right now.


A lease on a Malibu could be had for right around what I want to spend. Obviously I’m a bit of a Chevy fanboy but I recognize that the brand’s non-performance cars don’t have the best record. The Malibu got generally good scores from the typical review sites.

Anybody have experience with the Malibu? Will probably be shopping against a Honda Accord/Civic or possibly another Altima.

Let me make it clear that right now I just need a car that gets good mileage, is going to be reliable for 3 years, and fits within my budget. I hate saying these words, but I need something practical.

I’d love to go get a Camaro (lease payments would be comparable to a Colorado) but I don’t think I can talk the wife into that and I don’t really want that insurance payment.

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