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Anybody have experience with early Porsche Cayennes?

In my never ending search for a relatively modern (year 2000+) truck that is manual, 4x4 and capable of towing my Mini on a trailer, I jokingly told my dad that maybe I should look into Cayennes. Well, I did look into Cayennes and was rather shocked. A 2005 Cayenne S with about 100k miles, one owner and full service history is listed at $9000, compared to the Tundra I was looking at recently which was also a one owner but a 2003 model with 95k miles which was listed at $12,900.

Now the Cayenne isn’t going to be as durable or reliable as the Tundra but from what I’ve found the early Cayennes are very reliable for a German luxo SUV. Do your preventative maintenance and you’re good to go pretty much indefinitely. Plus, who wouldn’t want an SUV that drives more like a car, is stupidly fast and luxurious compared to contemporary pickups and can tow a ridiculous 7000lbs.


Please tell me why this is a bad idea, because Im seriously about ready to start looking at only Cayennes.

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