I can’t say that I’m happy about it, but it’s time for me to move on from my Miata. I’m currently working on saving up to buy a house, and I can’t really justify owning 2 cars right now. I’m taking it to the car wash today, and then in the coming days I’ll be working on cleaning the interior and getting it posted on the local Craigslist. I figured I’d try posting a rough draft of the listing here first in case people had any advice. Oppo discount would apply for anybody here that wants it. Formatting may change and I’ll include pictures once it is clean. Car is currently in PA but delivery is negotiable.

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For sale:

1994 Mazda Miata

1.8L engine, 5 speed manual transmission

The car came with option package B which includes 7 spoke alloy wheels, cruise control (which still works), and a Torsen LSD.


98,000 miles, although this will increase slightly as I still drive it about once a week.

Clean carfax, no accidents.

Car was inspected in November 2018 and passed.

New tires (Bridgestone Fuzion Touring) were installed in March and have maybe 200 miles on them at the time of this writing.


Aftermarket CD player/radio installed by previous owner. It still works fine, and the factory power antenna still works too. The pop-up headlights still work great.

Heat and air conditioning both still work great.

Valve cover gasket was replaced in 2018.

I purchased this car in 2015 when I lived in North Carolina, and it has always been a second car for me. It has been garage kept since I moved to PA and it has never been driven on snowy or salty roads in the time that I have owned it.


This car is in good shape, but it is 25 years old and it has been driven. The black paint is in good shape for its age. The soft top still works and does a pretty good job of keeping the water out, but I have sealed a few pinhole sized openings with silicone. The seams around the rear window have also been treated. I mostly drive it with the top down, so I’m not particularly worried about how the top looks as long as it keeps me dry.

The airbags do not currently work. If you want to fix them, it needs a new airbag control module. Airbags are not required to pass PA inspection so it’s up to you decide if you want to fix them.


This is a fun car that I hope someone else will be able to enjoy for years to come. The 94 Miata has the added power of the 1.8L engine (the 90-93 Miatas only had a 1.6L), but still retained the classic look of pop-up headlights.

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