Anybody know what this is? UPDATED

(Update at bottom, original post first)

I was doing something in my Golf, sitting in the passenger seat, when I slid the seat and this snapped off of something under the seat. My first thought was it’s something related to the passenger airbag, probably the weight sensor. Here’s a pic of the back:


Clearly it snapped off of something, but I’m not sure what and didn’t see anything left over.

Also @Kinja, can you fix the way photo cropping is handled? Whenever I upload a picture in portrait and try to crop a landscape out of the pic, the picture reorients itself to landscape and the crop is of a totally different part of the pic. I had to zoom the pic on my computer and use snipping tool to get these pics to work.

Update, as of 21 December 2018


I pulled the passenger seat out, and the other half of the relay was attached to this harness with part number 1HO 382, which seems to be (per my brief googling) a part of the wiring for heated seats, as many had suggested. That’s a relief. Wait, I had heated seats?

Just for kicks, here’s some more pictures. Here’s the underside of the seat:


Further poking around online, it looks like these seats were from either a GTI or a Jetta GLX. They’re super nice and quite comfortable, moreso than most seats in new cars that I’ve been in.


And here’s the view from the backseat with no front passenger seat installed. I’m convinced that if you go on a solo roadtrip, this is the way to do it. You’ll have more room for cargo and can plop a big cooler right next to you for snacks. Also note that there are a bunch of dangling wires. Don’t question them.

I also found that the area under the seat was actually pretty clean. I don’t know when the previous owner swapped the whole interior, but they did a good job cleaning the carpets before putting in the GTI seats. The only thing I found was this little guy:


Which is likely a part of a since destroyed seat glide, explaining why the passenger seat shimmies a little bit. Finally, I put the seat back in and secured the dangly wires. Now there’s nothing passengers can complain about when riding with me.


Another Kinja complaint- every picture uploaded between 2 and 5 times in the writing of this post. I also still can’t upload a picture in portrait and have it stay in portrait.

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