because I just found one. It’s got some crazy wide body kit, that looks about about 2 inches wider in the front and 4 inches wider in the back, on each side. I’ve seen Chevy Monzas with similar kits, but it looks even crazier one a C3.

The Seller states that it at one point had a 427 in it but the pervious owner removed it. Which explains why the front end is sitting so high.

Just look at those wheels.The hubs and been converted to center locks, so those are real. It looks like there is a side skit missing here, no mention of whether the owner has it in the add.


It also has a very odd, but very period correct wing on the back.

That is a very wide rear end. Those rear wheels are 15x13".


The seller is asking 3900 which I think is a good deal. Not a steal, it a NP at least.