"Anybody that wants a test can get a test"

I hope that’s the soundbite hill he dies on in November. Like ”read my lips, no new taxes”. Or the ACA favorite “if you like your plan you can keep it”.

Wife has been symptomatic since Thursday - 100 degree fever, aches, started a dry cough today. I started the same symptoms on Sunday. Neither of us are able to get a test. The kicker is that my wife is an RN getting ready to start on at a skilled nursing facility (they’re holding her job until her quarantine period is over thankfully). You’d think a medical professional about to be surrounded by the vulnerable elderly would be able to get tested... Nope.


So, Buffalo has 1,234 confirmed cases as of today. But that number is obviously a joke. About the only way to get tested here is to be in the ER on o2, be famous, or currently working in the ICU.

And now. Have a puppy to pallet cleanse.

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