Anybody want a plaid lawn ornament?

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I didn’t replace the alternator nor the starter. My assumption will just be that it is dead. It broke down on I-5 and now won’t start.


Also needs massive suspension work (cvs, ball joints, shocks, and so on).

Cosmetic bits and interior are worth more than it is as a whole in this state. It doesn’t start, run, or drive.


“Why don’t you just part it out yourself?” Well it’s street parked and doesn’t move. I would have preferred to keep the front seats and keep them as computer chairs if someone else is just to chop it up, but I’d rather just wash my hands of it to help expedite the process.

Non-running vehicles are a sore spot in this household. My wife’s seen enough of it and now so have I.


It’s been parked in the same spot for seven days. Technically, a neighbor can call it in and get my ass ticketed or possibly impounded if this persists. I paid $165 just to get it towed home off the freeway, I’m still paying insurance on it, it’s time to cut my losses.

Transmission and clutch are goodly. 4WD works, EL gear works. Again: Assumption is that the engine is dead.


I have been very upfront with oppo about this car, if you couldn’t tell from the billions of posts and videos I’ve made about it. Ask me anything.

Owning a new beater every 7 months is and was not sustainable. I either get tired of them (Celica), or they’re shit (all my Tercels). I’ve finally reached a point in my life where my spare time is invaluable, I’m financially comfortable, and I’m finally able to allow myself to treat myself to things I’ve earned.


That’s why I took a 180 from my usual procedure and bought a Sportcross with a fistful of cash. Is it costing me a fortune? By my standards, sure. Is it saving me time, stress, and it is safer, faster, and makes me grin like a moron every time I drive it, think about it, look at it when I walk away? Fuck yeah. It the Lexus ever going to spray gas under the hood, break down on I-5, or shake violently like a bad chicken bake recipe? Will I ever wonder, “How is it going to run today?” I doubt it.

So I’m taking a shot in the dark and seeing if any opponaut has any morbid curiosity, before I try CL (ugh), or junk it (UGHH).


My only regret is that I never did do that zero to 60 time.

If anyone is interested, let me know. I will not take personally, or be offended by, an offer, and I expect you to feel the same if I were to decline yours.



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