I’ve been going through the last couple of boxes from moving last year (yeah, I know) and don’t really have a place for these, so I figured I’d see if anybody here wants them before I put them up for sale locally or on eBay.

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Maisto Ferrari 550 Maranello and Aston Martin DB7 Vantage; Bburago Shelby Series 1 and Ferrari F50. They’re all in good shape other than a bit of dust. The only exception is a very small ding on the hood of the F50. If there’s interest, these might not be the last...I’m pretty sure there’s another batch around here somewhere. I’d say $10 each plus shipping seems very fair based on what they seem to go for on eBay. I bet two would fit in a medium flat rate box with some bubble wrap, so assuming I’m right about that, it would be $35 for any pair of them shipped priority mail within the US. Let me know if you’re interested.

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