Anybody who needs a laugh should read this

So after reading Steve's warranty post this morning, I wondered if there are actually people out there who don;t change their oil. Came across this gem of a thread from some forum called EcoModder, titled "Changing oil is not necessary".


Some sample posts:

"here's an artilce about the formal director from Castrol Oil and he's saying that changing oil is a waste of money. He drives his car 350000km whitout changing (that are 186500 mile)."


"The oil never gets broken, especially Full Synthetic Oil. I own a VW Passat 1.9 TDI 2003, Now i have 33000 km (20500 Miles) 18 months since i dindt change the oil and i am never going to do it. I inspect the oil every month and the viscosity is as it is new. The oil in the engine is Castrol Edge TurboDiesel 5W-40 (it says should be changed every 15000 km (9500 Miles )or max 12 months. I will never change this oil unless it losses viscosity. So far everything is perfect. The regular oil change is what the oil companies want! But the truth is something else. Anyway you decide but dont forget the oil that you change they take it in the lab again put a spoon of chemical and resell it back to you. This is all fraud. And about the small particles of metal, come on these particles most of them are stopped by the filter and the really small ones are so small that if you put them in the eye of the human they wont cause you any problem. I absolutelly believe that there is no need to ever change the oil in the engine."

"I regularly check the oil in my car. I put some on my finger and supressit it with other finger. ON the other hand i put the same oil but NEW to check if there is a difference between old and new oil. Absolutely nothing. The viscosity is totally the same. If metal particles would be big you would feel it on your finger. There are metal particles in the oil for sure but there are extremely small, so small that even if you put it on your eye they wont hurt."


"We have to think logically and not what somebody else is imposing us to believe. It is very simple to determine whether your engine needs oil change or not. Did anybody ever in his life saw a test with two same engines, one changing the oil and the other no? I have never seen such a test. It is very simple to determine but the oil companies dont want that test. They wanna sell more and more."

Lol. They also discuss the practicalities of using a roll of toilet paper in lieu of a proper oil filter. See for yourself.


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