Whelp. It’s that time again. Time to sell the car. The girlfriend and I can’t justify the insurance it costs (because of my prior accident in my Focus ST) for a car we use MAYBE once a month. This thing is great, and at only 103,500 miles, it’ll run forever. Let me know if you’re interested. Sorry if this is a bit of a pushy post, hoping to sell before our trip to Greece on Friday so figured I’d give it a shot.


  • EX model
  • Coupe
  • Autotragic
  • Runs amazingly well, shift well, gas is great
  • Timing belt already done
  • 103,500k miles
  • JUST did an oil change 100 miles ago
  • Dings and dents like you’d expect from NYC
  • Orig owners manual, keys, clickers
  • 10k miles on the tires
  • Pioneer bluetooth head unit that I installed, but still have the orig.
  • Looking to get something around $3000, but open to offers.
  • Feel free to ask me more Q’s.



Thhhhhhanks :)