I used to order tons of parts from there without issue, but lately it’s been, at best, frustrating. Particularly their warehouse/shipping scam system - and I’m not even talking about how they easily charge 2x the actual shipping cost (I’m starting to think their margins come from “shipping” charges).

For example, based on the order you put them in the cart I’ve gotten drastically different “which warehouse is this in” results. When I ordered drum brake hardware a while ago, I found adding a second (unneeded) $4 adjuster reduced the entire order from four to two warehouses, reducing shipping by $25+. Needless to say, I have a spare adjuster.

Just this evening I was ordering brake parts for the Crown Vic to overhaul the brakes next weekend/week/whenever I get time and had rotors in the cart. In the catalog the pads were listed as the same warehouse, then in the cart they split into a different one. I called them, and after being on hold for 10 minutes spoke with someone who, after interrupting me while explaining how to create the issue (“So what’s the problem?” he interjected, as I explained the problem...) told me it was based on the quantity. The quantity is one (I told him this and he sort of brushed it off). The answer was then “Well there’s nothing I can do for you. Bye *Click*”


So is it just me (and my admittedly low tolerance for simple computer things that don’t work right and people-after-being-on-hold) or have they been going downhill? It’s a shame because I like their magnets.

As an aside, I was able to get the brake pads for about 40% less from Amazon anyways. They only had one of each rotor though, which is dumb.

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