I mean, it was 75% off last weekend, anybody else pick it up on Steam? My PC wasn't even supposed to run it, but I get smooth gameplay on medium to high settings, so, go figure.

I'm not gonna lie, this is some of the best fun I've had with racing games in a long while, though, to be honest, I haven't played a lot of racing games lately.

Anyways, for those actively playing, how's your championship so far? I'm playing full weekends and GPs, no driving aids, save for medium TC (fucking Xbox controller) and medium difficulty, which actually makes for a pretty dramatic season. Signed up with Williams, qualified mid-pack in Australia and took the win after Vettel brushed against the FW35 sidepod and lost his front wing in the process. Then came a P2 qualifying followed by a second place in Malaysia, a P8 followed by a fifth place under rain in China and my first pole followed by a win in Bahrain. Would be cool if the real thing was this wild.