Hi Opponauts -

So, that coffee that I had a 5pm had a lag effect and woke me up just now. Perfect time for surfing the net...

Anyway, the last time I had the Taco smogged, the tech told me that I just barely passed on NOX emissions and that most likely, I'll need to have a new cat converter installed in order to pass next time. "Next time" is coming up in April. I've heard that typically, new cat converters cost ~$1000 to install. Looking online, it seems that I can get a Magna Flow unit (Approved by executive order from CARB) for ~$200 or so (obviously, there'd be a cost for installation). This seems shockingly low as I can't imagine it would cost $800 to have a muffler shop install the unit. So:

1) Does anyone have experience with this? I'm imagining this is more or less unbolt/cut out the old unit and bolt/weld the new one in place?

2) Any experience with smog approval with aftermarket cat converters? Do I need to get it blessed by the BAR, or something?

Thanks in advance. Miata for your troubles...