Anyone ever purchase prepainted parts?

I’m working on getting my Mustang cleaned up and there’s on good size dent on the passenger side fender with some missing paint. Other than that the paint on the car is in pretty good shape. I’m just wondering if anyone here has ever bought a fender, bumper or hood that was “paint matched” by the vendor.

Here’s what i’m looking at:


I’ll do a bigger post soon about the clean up, just got new carpet in, new seats are ready to go in, and a new center console (with cup holders) is ready to go in.

I had to repaint some of the interior parts and so far they are looking pretty good. Once the interior is buttoned up i want to clean up the outside.


$273 seems cheaper then what a body shop would charge but I’m going to get a quote for that too.

If you have any experince with prepainted parts let me know how well they matched....if you have a picture that would be even better.



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