I replaced my front parking light/DRL bulbs with some Sylvania halogens, but I’m not a big fan of the color of the lights. They’re located right next to the presumably 6000k HID’s, and while the new Sylvanias are indeed whiter than stock, they’re still fairly yellow when compared to the headlights.

I’d like to re-replace the parking light/drl bulbs again in favor of some 6000k led’s, and ideally I’d like to get as many lumens out of them as possible. Problem is, after perusing ebay I’m beginning to realize not all led’s are created equally and I don’t know enough about the various led types.

Can anyone suggest a 7443 bulb assembly that would fit the bill, or at the very least let me know which are the better LED type (2835, 4014, etc) so I can try to make an educated decision?

No canbus bulb check to worry about, fwiw. Infinissan wasn’t that high tech in ‘03 apparently.