Thinking about trading the Catera for something V8 powered yet family friendly as we recently had our first child. Found a few ‘03 FX45's online locally for between 4-5 grand Canadian, and an ‘06 or two for around 10 grand. It seems that the 06's are better appointed than the 03's and have a slight hp bump, so I’m leaning in that direction, but am unsure if the better appointments are really worth double the price. Will be checking a couple of them out later today to see for myself.


Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with these things? Thoughts?

Was also considering a few Cayenne S’ but after spending a few hours on rennlist I’m pretty sure the Porsche would attempt to bankrupt me.

Also found an 01 X5 v8 which has the guides done and top end resealed for around 5 grand as well. Looks to be in good shape so may be a contender if the FX’s don’t pan out. At least with the X it’s sort of a “the devil I know” type of situation being an E38 owner and all.