I’ve been seeing them pop up on Carfax reports. It appears that they mainly inspect for accident damage, then ‘certify’ a car based on what they find. Ironically they call it TrueFrame....uhh....yeah, most of these cars don’t have a frame.

Anyone have any experience with them? I feel like it’s a way for dealers to sell a car with accident history buy saying ‘it was just a scratch’ !


They do a 30-45 minute Driveway examination....I get the paint meter thing and checking for obvious signs of repair, but not sure how that could find unibody damage without a lift.

They also do mechanical inspections but I haven’t seen one yet. My main concern is that this is like a PPI, but they aren’t specialists, and they don’t put the car up on a lift. I’m not putting much weight into it.

A thorough hands-on preliminary vehicle walk around evaluation of the overall condition. It is then followed by a complete metering of all paint surfaces and finish, both outside and inside the structure. This will help to identify any irregularities in the paint quality which might lead to uncovering any sub standard repairs. Last, the certified Driveway technicians will Inspect the complete uni-body, structure, or frame of the vehicle to be sure it is within the manufacturer’s specifications


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