I’m planning on taking the Fiat Spider out, at least one friend will be joining me.

In related news, car is running great after a carb tune, tune up, oil change to the stock weight oil and ignition timing advance for 93 Octane.

Also, the aforementioned friend and I removed the nut and cut through the bolt holding the last shock mount in place, which makes the rear end look a lot cleaner.


Fan is running well now with a temperature control unit installed in the engine bay— I’ll likely upgrade to a 16" aftermarket fan in the next month or so before it gets hot this summer, but everything seems good with the new timing belt and aluminum radiator. Funny note— it turns out some previous owner replaced the motor on the stock fan assembly with a lower Amperage replacement. It does the trick but I’ll feel a lot more comfortable in 90+ degree weather with a nice aftermarket replacement.


I’m running low on jobs left to do with the car.

  • Fan replacement
  • The windshield wipers still don’t work while connected to the windshield; I bought a new replacement motor for a ‘77 VW that should bolt right in and give me about 50% more torque/speed... will have to solder a 6th wire for intermittant use and make wiring harness replacements.
  • With the weight removal I’ve done the spring manufacturer recommended cutting a link both front and rear and reinstalling the spring blocks (the aftermarket springs were closed instead of open like the originals) to get the ride height and spring rate set optimally.
  • The stereo isn’t wired up, and when it was only one speaker worked and the antenna didn’t extend.
  • I need to finish sanding down the orange-peel paint job and finish up the respray, clear-coating and color sanding this time.
  • A few cheap fake-chrome trim pieces need replacement, namely a running light fixture and one of the running boards.
  • The passenger floorboard is pretty rusted but David Tracy would give it his stamp of approval.
  • It’d be good to replace the plastic window for the top.

That’s “all” I can think of. Seems like a lot, but it’s a infinitely less than what it looked like when I bought the car. Kinda proud.